Sun shines on solar savings success

Group Photo 3Martin and Marilyn Brown, Janelle Jenkins and her dog, Rufus and Mary and Peter Rumpf were among the Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale residents who installed solar PV systems through the Community Environment Alliance project.The Community Environment Alliance will deliver 43 solar installations as part of the community solar bulk-buy initiative across Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale.

More than 98 inspections of homes, businesses and community facilities have been undertaken by the project’s preferred supplier, Radiant Energy Systems of Geelong since the community information sessions in early June.

Twelve solar systems have already been installed through round one of the program, which has a total value of $403,000.

The total amount of solar power generated through the installations is 200 MWh (mega watt hours) per annum. This is an extraordinary achievement when you consider that 200MWh could power 45 homes in Victoria for an entire year (based on the current state average usage of 12kWh per day).

The 43 installations will reduce our community’s carbon emissions by 270 tonnes per annum. That’s the equivalent of taking 78 cars off the road for 12months.

The community solar project was developed by the Power Savers Working Group, a group of locals with knowledge and experience in solar power. Members include Stuart Miller, Lorraine Golightly, Roel Wasterval, Rod Wayth and Jacqueline Wilson (Alliance facilitator).

The project aim was to identify a solar supplier and system that would provide value for money across the life of the system by addressing criteria including price, quality, warranties, after-sales support, experience and reliability.

While Round One of the bulk-buy is now closed, residents can still register their interest for Round Two of the project with Alliance facilitator, Jacqueline Wilson at

This project was funded with the support of the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Victorian Government.