Community Environment Alliance

What is the Community Environment Alliance?

The Community Environment Alliance is a group of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale locals who are working together to reduce carbon emissions. Our aim is for the Borough of Queenscliffe to be a carbon neutral community by 2020.

Carbon neutral is where emissions are effectively reduced to zero. Such reduction can happen through a combination of: Reducing electricity and gas usage; Using solar or wind power; Offsetting any remaining emissions.

How does the Alliance work?

The Alliance is a partnership of community members. It belongs to the community.

Every person, business and community group can be involved by becoming an alliance partner.

As a partner, you'll be asked to sign a commitment to complete an action to reduce your impact on our environment. This action might be a simple change to your daily habits or working with others as part of a larger commitment.

As an Alliance partner, Council will oversee the program by recruiting new partners, promoting Alliance activities and securing funding to deliver projects. Council will also deliver a number of actions from the Council plan and the Corporate Neutral Action Plan.

Why should you join the Alliance?

Every one of us can take action. We can play a role in protecting our natural assets for our children and grandchildren.

Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to ensure our environment is sustainable.

By making a commitment to the Alliance, you'll be joining a coordinated local campaign to shape a more sustainable future. The idea is to 'think globally and act locally'

Download your copy of the Community Commitment Sheet here and make a pledge today.

Community Environment Alliance Grants Program

The Community Environment Alliance Grants program supports local, non-profit organisations and groups to reduce their carbon emissions and preserve the Borough’s natural environment.

Find out more here.