Local primary schools

The Borough of Queenscliffe provides a range of educational opportunities in early and primary years, which give students the chance to develop the knowledge and skills needed to move confidently into secondary education. Children are able to learn and grow in a community-centred, resource-rich environment.

There are three local primary schools: Queenscliff Primary School, Point Lonsdale Primary School and St Aloysius Catholic Primary School.

Queenscliff Primary School

At QPS the aim is to develop 21st century learners who have the 5Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity and Compassion. It is our responsibility and passion to engender a love of learning and ensure that students are literate and numerate and able to solve problems and make decisions creatively.

Place-based education, which is hands-on, project-based and related to our unique environment, history and culture, is a priority at QPS. Having Swan Bay as the backyard and the local marine environment of Queenscliff in the neighbourhood provides opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. It is perfectly placed to learn in and with the community.

"I think we're really lucky to have the school on this spot. It's a very environmental school," Aidan, former Grade 6 student

St Aloysius Catholic Primary School

St Aloysius Catholic Primary School aims to support students to reach their full potential by developing in them a love of life and learning. Staff endeavour to instil courage and confidence while showing respect and care for others.

Children are regularly involved in local community activities such as sand dune revegetation, environmental planting programs, history walks and combined projects with the local council. Students regularly visit the local library to make use of community resources.