Community Profile

The Borough of Queenscliffe has a permanent population of around 3,000. This grows up to 17,120 in peak holiday times with the influx of non-permanent residents and visitors.

Many property owners only holiday or live part-time in the Borough. The 53% of private dwellings unoccupied during the 2011 census is indicative of the large temporary population.

A few interesting facts about the Borough of Queenscliffe permanent residents, as determined through the 2011 Census:

  • 43.1% of the population is aged over 60.
  • There are 2,999 people, living in 2,777 dwellings, with an average household size of 2.09.
  • The three largest ancestries in the Borough of Queenscliffe are English, Australian, and Irish.
  • 1,051 people (35%) have a tertiary qualification.
  • 1,153 people are employed, of which 53% are working full time and 46% part time. There is a high proportion of retirees and semi-retirees.
  • 64% of homes in the Borough of Queenscliffe have a broadband internet connection.

For an in-depth look at the Borough of Queenscliffe population demographics please refer to the Community Profile website.