Council-managed Caravan Parks Draft Master Plan

At the Ordinary Meeting held on Thursday 23 August 2018, Council consdered the valuable feedback provided by hundreds of people who made submissions on the Caravan Parks Master Plan. As a result, there will be improvements to and modernisation of facilities at the Victoria Park / Queenscliff Recreation Reserve Park and at Royal Park, with further consultation and analysis requested for Golightly Park. The full details of the report to Council and Council's resolution are available on pages 37 to 45 of the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting, which are available here.

Please note that the period for completing the community survey and providing written submissions on the Caravan Parks Master Plan closed at 4.00pm on Friday 25 May 2018.

Click on the 'Related Information' link on the right hand side of this page to download a copy of the 2018 Queenscliffe Council-Managed Caravan Parks Draft Master Plan Report. Copies of the report are also available for review at Council's offices at 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff.

Community Updates

Council has prepared a set of Community Updates about the draft Master Plan options for Council's caravan parks. Please click on the links below to download a copy of the Community Update for each caravan park.

Golightly Park

Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park

Royal Park

Project background

The Borough of Queenscliffe manages four caravan parks:

  • Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park in Queenscliff; and
  • Golightly Park and Royal Park in Point Lonsdale.

These caravan parks are critical to the Borough both in terms of their contribution to tourism and the local economy and to Council’s ability to generate sufficient revenue to invest in the maintenance and improvement of Council-managed Crown Land.

In 2013, a ‘Strategic Review of Council Operated Caravan Parks’ was completed. Key issues and findings identified in this strategic review were:

  • Lack of sites to attract casual use markets.
  • Aged facilities not matching year round tourist markets.
  • Conflicting uses at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.
  • The parks’ low revenue yield.
  • The need to enhance management and customer services.
  • Promotion of the caravan parks.
  • Matching location features and park capacity to the tourism market.
  • The need to meet best practice management guidelines.
  • Lack of clear operations or development vision for the caravan parks.

In addition to these key issues and findings, the strategic review made the following recommendations:

  1. Complete a master plan for the combined Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park areas.
  2. Review Royal Park options and opportunities to consider part park redevelopment for all year round accommodation and associated services.
  3. Review other caravan park area options and opportunities.
  4. Purchase new point of sale systems and business monitoring software.
  5. Review and adopt new management and staff structure.
  6. Review options for future use and operation of Golightly Park.
  7. Review fees and charges and premium and prime use rates.
  8. Set up a five year caravan park redevelopment and funding plan.

In 2017, Council commissioned Hansen Partnership and Tim Nott Economics to prepare master plans for the Council-managed caravan parks. Drawing on the findings of the 2013 strategic review, the aims of the ‘Queenscliffe Council Managed Caravan Parks Master Plan’ project are to:

  • Increase access to, occupancy of and revenue from Council-managed caravan parks by modernising and improving facilities to offer a broader range of all year round accommodation options linked to visitor interest, demand and market trends.
  • Increase revenue from caravan parks operations to enable Council to direct additional income to improve the management of coastal Crown Land.
  • Ensure minimal or no impact on Council’s annual tourist park revenue during the redevelopment phase.
  • Provide more all year round accommodation options in the caravan parks.
  • Improve the standard of infrastructure and amenities to enable sections of some parks to be open all year round.
  • Meet current day caravan and camping standards / requirements.
  • Minimise environmental impacts and ensure that plans limit removal of existing significant vegetation and improve future vegetation planning and management.
  • Minimise impact to neighbourhood amenity.
  • Ensure full compliance with legislation and regulations.

Draft Master Plan options for the Council-managed Caravan Parks in the Borough of Queenscliffe were presented at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Thursday 22 March 2018.

Council held a series of Community Open House Sessions about the draft Master Plan options for its Caravan Parks in the Point Lonsdale Primary School during May, and we invited community feedback on the draft Master Plan options via a community survey that could be completed online or in hard copy, and via written feedback submissions.

Guiding Principles

Following the community consultation process and Council's decision on the preferred options for implementation, Council will apply the following guiding principles:

  1. Any current camper impacted by future changes to the final approved caravan parks Master Plan will be given preference to access other caravan park sites that are available at that time or as vacancies occur in the future.
  2. It will be ‘business as usual’ at Council’s caravan parks until Council secures funding to implement improvements consistent with the final approved design at each of the caravan parks.
  3. Council has secured funding to implement improvements at Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park. Implementation of the final approved design in these parks will be implemented in 2019.
  4. Council will provide at least 12 months’ notice to caravan park users at Royal Park and Golightly Park prior to implementing improvements to these parks.
  5. Council will keep everyone informed of progress in planning and implementing improvements to caravan parks via regular publication of caravan park bulletins and updates to this page.

Summary of draft Master Plan options

The draft Master Plan for Council's caravan parks considers the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park as one caravan park for planning purposes. The draft Master Plan presents two options for the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve / Victoria Park, Golightly Park and Royal Park. A brief summary of the two options for each site follows.

Queenscliff Recreation Reserve and Victoria Park

• Option 1 includes the retention of the current park layout and configuration, replacement of seven existing cabins with ten high quality eco-cabins (as part of the Destination Queenscliff project), a new amenities block, changes to the main entry, new office, partial electrical upgrade and other minor landscape and amenity improvements.

• Option 2 proposes a staged approach.

– Stage 1 includes retention of the current park layout and configuration where possible, whilst incorporating changes to improve the park. It proposes similar infrastructure development as option 1. This option includes the 10 new high quality eco-cabins that form part of the ‘Destination Queenscliff’ project as well as upgrading the electrical points of supply

– Stage 2 would include a new layout and configuration of sites at Queenscliff Recreation Reserve to better cater to a diverse range of users. The upgrade of other civil services would be completed during this stage.

Golightly Park

• Option 1 proposes to reconfigure Golightly Park to a fully operated cabin park with self-contained cabins to add to the accommodation options on offer in the Borough.

• Option 2 proposes the sale of three residential lots fronting Bowen Road and the reconfiguration of the remainder of the park into a fully operated cabin park with self-contained cabins.

Both options include five cabins which would be relocated from their current location at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.

Royal Park

• Option 1 proposes minimal changes only. The existing layout, configuration and vegetation would be retained, while some minor changes would be incorporated including relocated entry point, reconstruction of existing unsealed roads, improvement of site office facilities, upgrade of amenities including future change rooms and upgrade of utilities. Improved landscaping and measures to avoid flooding are also included.

• Option 2 proposes a redesign of Royal Park with consideration for existing vegetation, improved circulation and improved stormwater management to eliminate flooding on-site.

Design Principles

A set of design principles has informed the preparation of the draft Master Plan options for each site:

  1. Increase year round access, occupancy and accommodation options.
  2. Increase revenue from caravan parks.
  3. Minimise impact on revenue during redevelopment.
  4. Provide infrastructure, facilities and amenities to current day standards.
  5. Minimise environmental impacts and enhance vegetation.
  6. Minimise neighbourhood amenity impacts.
  7. Comply with legislation and regulations.