Economic Development Strategy

The short video below provides an outline of Council's Economic Development Strategy project.

Council is calling on the Borough community to provide feedback on the draft Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy focuses on key economic opportunities and priorities for public investment to outline a roadmap for the future sustainability of the Borough of Queenscliffe economy.

Click here to download a copy of the draft Economic Development Strategy. Hard copies are available from Council’s offices and the Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre.

Community feedback on the draft Economic Development Strategy is requested from Tuesday 26 September until 4.00pm on Friday 20 October. A short online feedback form has been prepared to gather comments and suggestions from the community about the guiding principles of the Strategy.

Click here to complete the online feedback form. Feedback can also be provided on a hard copy form available from Council’s offices.

Council appreciates the continuing willingness of local businesses and the broader community to contribute to and participate in the creation of an Economic Development Strategy that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the Borough of Queenscliffe.


Council has appointed consultancy firm, Deloitte, to lead the development of the Borough of Queenscliffe’s Economic Development Strategy.

The Strategy will consolidate and build upon directions and actions from a range of Council’s existing plans and policies.

Council is committed to boosting economic development in the Borough, and the Strategy will focus on the future to achieve a more diverse and vibrant local economy, guide and inform Council’s economic development directions and priorities, and identify economic development opportunities for public and business investment as well as benefits for the broader community.

The Economic Development Strategy will also include a tourism development component that profiles the visitor economy, drivers of visitation and the tourism product offerings. It will define a vision within a 10-year plan to build the Borough as a tourism destination of choice.

You can read the Economic Development Strategy Project Fact Sheet here.

Council has held two forums to seek the community's ideas and views regarding the propositions that will inform the draft Economic Development Strategy, and released a Discussion Paper on the Strategy in early June 2017 for community review and comment. The Discussion Paper includes a profile of the local economy and an assessment of strengths and weaknesses, areas of competitive advantage and opportunities.

Click here to download a copy of the Discussion Paper.

The Discussion Paper was accompanied by a questionnaire that provided an opportunity to answer key questions and opt-in to further consultation. Thank you to all who provided feedback via the questionnaire. The questionnaire accompanying the Discussion Paper has now closed.

This feedback will help shape our ideas when developing an economic development strategy that will be most beneficial and practical for the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Please note, all feedback data is held securely and anonymously by Deloitte and will not be released to any third party. Individual responses are anonymous and confidential to the Deloitte team who will only provide aggregated and analysed information, not raw responses, in order to protect confidentiality.