Fort Queenscliff precinct tourism master plan

With its iconic location, rich history and heritage buildings and assets, Fort Queenscliff is ideally placed as a potential tourism destination of national significance.  Fort Queenscliff has long played a significant social and cultural role within the local community. Unlocking the Fort will provide many benefits to the local community and it can play a more significant social role within its walls as a place of community connection and inclusion.

Opening up the Fort to the public was a key outcome of the recent community consultation process, and would build on recent Federal, State and Local Government efforts to improve accessibility and connectivity between significant foreshore areas within the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Utilising the Fort as a prestige event location is one way of assisting the community to build and reconnect to its cultural identity, increasing overall community participation and developing a new shared community space.

The Master Plan also underlines the important role of the Fort Museum and advocates for continuation and expansion of activities that promote the history and heritage of the Fort.  The Master Plan document can be viewed here.