Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve


The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve is Crown land which until recently was managed by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. Council agreed to become to Committee of Management for the land in 2012, having become concerned about the progressive degradation and lack of asset management of the iconic Reserve. In obtaining State Government funding for this study, Council’s intention was to improve the Lighthouse Reserve given its poor state of maintenance, to implement the findings of previous studies, increase tourism visitation to the Borough and to generate funds to enable Council to improve and better maintain this and other coastal Crown land.

The future use of this site is an important matter that is high on the Council agenda.

A detailed Discussion Paper explaining the possible uses for Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve has been prepared by independent consultants and presented to Council.

  • Discussion Paper
  • In preparing the discussion documents, the consultants took into account many factors including the history and unique environmental and cultural features of each location, together with a Tourism Opportunities Assessment undertaken by
    sub-consultants Urban Enterprise.

    Tourism Opportunities Assessment

    The Point Lonsdale Reserve has four suggested options:

    1. No change to current site conditions which maintains public access, retains temporary fencing and continues grass cutting
    2. Landscaping improvements including revegetation, removal of the Toc H buildings, improved parking and a café in the refurbished Engine Shed
    3. The construction of self-contained eco-cabins plus the improvements to landscaping and the café as well as described in option 2
    4. The construction of boutique accommodation and a thermal spa in addition to the  landscaping improvements and café described in option 2.

    Council encourage the community to become involved. Residents are invited to read and consider the options and have their say. A Frequently Asked Questions document has also been prepared. 

    Questions have been raised from the community regarding how people can provide information on other options they would like to be considered. Please include information regarding any additional options as part of Question 4 of the Feedback Form or online survey.

    Public feedback and submissions have now closed. The community consultation outcomes report was completed in September 2014.

    Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve Project Community Consultation Outcomes - September 2014.