Proposed Botanic Gardens

The Project Control Group has been established, consisting of five community members, two Councillors and two Council officers.

A consultant has been appointed to assist the Project Control Group with preparing a detailed master plan and cost estimates for the project. The first meeting between the Project Control Group and consultant was held on 29 April 2013.


The Bellarine Secondary College was closed in December 1997. At that time, there was widespread support from the Borough community for development of community facilities and open space on the site. Since that time several options have been considered but not progressed due to a number of factors, including scope and associated cost.

A Community Reference Group was established in early 2011 to identify and propose possible future use of the former Queenscliff High School Site. The final recommended option was the establishment of a Botanic Garden, community vegetable garden and the construction of a community building that could be used for education purposes, community functions, café, public toilets and housing the gardens' volunteers.

Council resolved in November 2011 to seek community views on the proposal to establish Botanic Gardens, community vegetable gardens and a community building at this site. A questionnaire with a draft concept was prepared and distributed. A total of 224 questionnaires were returned, which was a great result and highlighted the level of community interest in this project.

The majority of respondents supported the draft concept and less than 38% of respondents supported retaining the site in its current state.

Council resolved in March 2012 to establish a Project Control Group consisting of community members, Councillors and Council staff. Council also resolved at this meeting to prepare a design brief and appoint a suitably qualified consultant to prepare a more detailed master plan and cost estimates for the project.