Panel Report - planning scheme amendment C27

The Report from the Planning Panel Hearing for Planning Scheme Amendment C27 (Queenscliffe Planning Scheme Review) was recently released and is available for public viewing.

The Amendment and Panel Report may be inspected free of charge at the Council office, 50 Learmonth Street Queenscliffe, or you can download the full Panel Report from Council’s website.

The Panel Hearing was conducted in November 2016 and the Planning Panel Report was officially released to the public on 4 January pursuant to the requirements of the Planning and Environment Act.

The Panel considered all written submissions made in response to the exhibition of the Amendment, as well as further submissions, and other material presented during the Hearing held in Queenscliff in November 2016. The panel also inspected first-hand various local sites.

The proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C27 recommends a number of revisions to current policies and controls which will provide Council and the community with an improved, more effective Planning Scheme.

The Panel has recommended that Queenscliffe Planning Scheme Amendment C27 be adopted as exhibited subject to nine recommendations. It also indicated its support for: “increased housing diversity and density that complements existing built form and character and does not compromise identified natural, built heritage, landscape and cultural values.”

The Panel also concluded that the Amendment is supported by, and consistent with, the relevant sections of the State and Local Planning Policy Framework and should proceed.

Council adopted Planning Scheme Amendment C27 to the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme at its January 2017 Ordinary Meeting. It also determined to submit the adopted Amendment with the prescribed information to the Minister for Planning, requesting approval.

The proposed amendment to the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme (C27) recommends a number of revisions to current policies and controls, including:

• A revised Municipal Strategic Statement updated to align with, and flow from, the policy themes contained in the State Planning Policy Framework (Settlement, Housing and Residential Development, Environmental and Landscape Values and Environmental Risk, Built Environment and Heritage, Economic Development, Community Development, Transport and Access, and Infrastructure).
• Revision of the local planning policies to eliminate superfluous and repetitious content and to improve clarity, readability and expression of policy and objectives.
• Revised schedules to the Environmental Significance Overlay, Vegetation Protection Overlay, Significant Landscape Overlay and Design and Development Overlay to update notation to reference documents and authorities, and to improve clarity.

For further information regarding the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme (Amendment C27) please contact the Borough of Queenscliffe Planning Department on 5258 1377 or download the panel report here.