Queenscliff Heritage Railway Station Precinct Upgrade Project

The Queenscliff Heritage Railway Station Precinct will receive an overhaul thanks to Council acquiring a Regional Development Victoria grant for $500,000. The Borough of Queenscliffe is contributing $240,000 and Bellarine Railways $146,000 including in-kind support.

The $886,000 project consists of two key elements:

  1. Restoring the heritage railway station to circa 1910 survey plan and relocation of maintenance activities out of Queenscliff to Lakers Siding. Works include extending the platform to original length, relocating the water tank back to original location near Heritage Locomotive Shed, re-install a locomotive turntable near Heritage Locomotive Shed, relocate ashpit/ coal & wood heaps to original location near turntable, construct new Lamproom & Footwarmer Rooms on platform in original locations, new toilet facilities and safety fences.
  2. Demolition of the building used by the Sea Scouts, and refurbishment, extension and integration of the Sea Scouts into the building currently used by the Senior Citizens.

Project timing

  • June – October 2014 Concept & Detailed Design
  • November 2014 Tender for construction
  • December 2014 Award Contract
  • January – June 2015 Construction

For further information on this project please contact Daniel Barker on telephone number 5258 1377.