Council acts quickly to report vandalism

Friday, 21 July 2017

Borough of Queenscliffe Council has received and responded to a report of vandalism to the former Lighthouse Keeper’s well at Point Lonsdale.

Council officers have inspected the well and confirm that damage was caused to the well structure and disturbed the vegetation surrounding it. It appears that rocks that filled the top of the well have been removed and potentially some excavation has taken place. In addition, it also appears that a brick rim at the surface level of the well has been damaged.

The area where the well is located is away from designated walking tracks and is fenced off. To access the well, a person needs to go off the designated path and negotiate a fence. A police report has been submitted related to the damage and investigations are ongoing.

Council is aware that a level of anti-social behaviour occurs in the area surrounding Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve that has impacted on historical structures, for example graffiti. Council staff have worked with police to identify the known areas of such behaviour and produced a map so that police can undertake regular patrols. Council officers also undertake patrols of these known areas.

Deputy Mayor Susan Salter has expressed her deep concern regarding this matter and stated that “this vandalism shows total disregard for upholding our heritage values.”

"I encourage anyone with information to come forward so the person/s responsible can be held accountable," she said.

Borough of Queenscliffe Council has taken a strong stance against vandalism and has reported this matter to the Police. Any persons with information are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.