Council’s e-waste event is a winner again

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Thanks to our community, Council’s e-waste drop-off day continues to go from strength to strength.

8,271kg of e-waste was received at the drop-off day on Saturday 13 May this year. This is an increase of 851kg, or 11.5%, on last year’s e-waste drop-off event.

‘Council’s e-waste drop-off day is a positive and proactive event, especially when you consider the state government’s election commitment to ban e-waste from landfill,’ said Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Councillor Tony Francis.

Along with computer equipment, items received at the drop-off day included:

  • 5,449kg of televisions and household appliances such as vacuums, lamps and toasters
  • 438kg of hard drives, laptops and keyboards
  • 592kg of printers
  • 1,427kg of flat screens
  • 365kg of electrical cords and keyboards

‘Council has collected a total of 46,671kg of e-waste since its first drop-off event in 2012. That means a reduction of 46,671kg in toxic materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and brominated fire retardants, going to landfill and polluting our environment,’ said Cr Francis.

Feedback from residents on Council’s e-waste drop-off day was overwhelmingly positive again this year.

E-waste collected at Council’s drop-off day is recycled by ToxFree. ToxFree’s technologies and processes ensure that maximum e-waste recycling and recovery processing takes place in Australia. Televisions and computers are recycled through the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

The metals, glass and plastics used in the manufacture of electronic goods are mined from the earth’s natural resources. The reuse of materials recovered from unwanted electronic goods reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new products, as well as reducing the amount of water and energy used in the manufacturing process.