Dogs on beaches restrictions in force for summer

Friday, 23 December 2016
Dogs on beaches restrictions in force for summer

Residents and visitors to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale are reminded that summer timeshare restrictions for dogs on beaches are now in force and Council’s local laws officers regularly patrol local beaches.

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council recently introduced new time restrictions for dogs from 15 December until the end of February, extending the hours owners are allowed to walk their dogs on all beaches (on lead) to between 8pm-9am.  
This gives an extra hour’s beach access in the mornings for pet owners and their dogs.

Chief Executive Officer Lenny Jenner said about 40 bright orange new time restriction signs have recently been installed on pathways and at the entrances to all main beach access points in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. 

“Dogs are required to be leashed at all times within the municipality unless they are being exercised at the Narrows Beach (formerly known as Dog Beach),” Mr Jenner said. “Dogs may be off lead all year, at all hours, at Narrows Beach but must be under effective voice control.”

“Time restrictions apply to all other local beaches over summer to ensure fair shared use and reduce any potential conflict between users given the high numbers of visitors during the peak summer holiday period.

“Dog owners are advised to look out for signs along coastal pathways confirming the dog restrictions in place and clean up after their dogs at all times,” Mr Jenner said.  “Dogs must always be on leash in beach car parks and on beach access tracks.”

“All dogs are prohibited from entering fenced sand dune and coastal vegetation areas or disturbing wildlife such as nesting Hooded plovers or resting seals, which frequently visit our coastline over summer.

“This a small municipality and local laws officers attend most local beaches 3-4 times daily over summer depending on weather conditions,” he said. “Officers go down every path and patrol all entrances to beaches, so people should keep in mind that they’ll never know when and where they are going to be.”

Mr Jenner said patrols also include all walking track areas (including inland tracks) and these coincide with replacement of dog waste bag receptacles as necessary. Breaching time restrictions for dogs on beaches can result in a $155 penalty notice.

“Dog owners are reminded that it is their responsibility to pick up after their animals. About 30 dog tidy bag dispensers are placed throughout the municipality, however please try to bring your own bags along,” he said.

“Council provides bags to be used as a back-up if you forget or need another one on the day. The dog tidy bag rolls are strategically located, so keep an eye out for the blue tubes. Council spends about $5000 a year on this program and you’ll go no more than 700 metres near a beach without finding one, so there is no excuse.”

A $295 fine and infringement for littering applies to anyone found not picking up after their dog.  All incidents involving dogs harassing other animals or people should be immediately reported on (03) 5258 1377. There is no need to report empty dog bag cylinders, as these are regularly checked.

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