Vegetation works underway at Queenscliff

Monday, 28 August 2017

Vegetation works are underway to tidy up the foreshore area in Queenscliff.

This comes following efforts by the community and Council to raise this priority in this year's program of works.

The land is managed by Parks Victoria.

The current works are part of the Green Army project which is being undertaken by Conservation Volunteers Australia and supported by Council and Parks Victoria.

The vegetation work is the removal of the significant infestation of Sallow Wattle, a species identified as an invasive weed.

As a maintenance program focussing on weeds, no permit is required, and as indicated this work is being undertaken with the support of the land manager.

The overall plan is to continue hand weeding in selected areas of the foreshore and to undertake a revegetation program with low growing indigenous coastal plant species in those areas that have been cleared.

These foreshore works are complimentary to that undertaken with a Green Army project on the foreshore adjacent to Tobin Drive, back in 2014.

The current works are scheduled to be completed in October 2017.