Council Plan 2013 - 2017

The Council Plan 2013 - 2017 was adopted by Council on Wednesday 26 June 2013 after an extensive consultation process.

You are encouraged to read the Council Plan, available from the download link provided.

Our vision

It includes a new vision for the Borough of Queenscliffe:

'A vibrant, safe and welcoming community that draws inspiration and life from our heritage, unique environment and connection to the sea.'

Strategic objectives

The Council Plan has been framed around five strategic objectives:

  1. A healthy, involved and creative community
  2. A vibrant local economy
  3. A unique natural environment
  4. A well-planned and attractive place to live and visit
  5. A proactive and accountable Council.

It includes specific initiatives that Council will implement in the 2013/14 financial year, which are linked to the annual budget.

Progress reports

Quarterly progress reports against the Council Plan will be provided at the end of each quarter.