Rating Strategy

Click here to read Council's Rating Strategy for the 2018–19 financial year, adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Thursday 1 March 2018.

The 2018–19 Rating Strategy includes the following key changes:

  • Application of differential rate for residential vacant land properties (125% of the general residential property rate);
  • Application of a fixed charge for kerbside waste collection, rather than a charge based on the capital improved value of a property; and
  • An increase in the additional pension rebate from $40 to $70.

These changes became effective on Sunday 1 July 2018.

The following differential rates will continue to apply under the 2018–19 Rating Strategy:

  • A Tourism Accommodation rate of 110% of the general residential property rate;
  • A Commercial rate of 130% of the general residential property rate; and
  • A Cultural and Recreational Land rate of 75% of the general residential property rate.

In reviewing the Borough’s Rating Strategy, Council has benchmarked all rates (including differential rates) and charges (including waste management) with those charged by other neighbouring G21 region councils. The 2018–19 Rating Strategy considers the State Government’s rate capping legislation which commenced 1 July 2016 and provides for the continued full cost recovery of waste management expenditure for the collection of kerbside, green and public waste.

Council previously revised its Rating Strategy in 2016. Continuous improvement by way of regular review (at least once in every Council term) is important to keep pace with changes in legislation and ensure the application of rates and charges is fair and equitable. Click here to read the previous Rating Strategy adopted by Council on 13 April 2016.