Recycle your fluorescent tubes and bulbs

Why recycle tubes and bulbs?

Used tubes and bulbs are the largest source of mercury contamination in landfills. The mercury inside them converts to methyl mercury – a toxic and volatile gas that can easily escape into the environment. So it's important that we keep tubes and bulbs out of landfill.

By recycling your fluorescent tubes and bulbs you are:

• Reducing the amount of landfill
• Decreasing the amount of poisonous methyl mercury in the environment
• Making sure that tube and bulb parts can be reused.

How can I recycle my old tubes and bulbs?

You can recycle your old tubes and bulbs through the BlinkyBulb program – a convenient, safe and cost-free way to dispose of and recycle used fluorescent tubes and bulbs.

The BlinkyBulb program was developed for households by the Rotary International District 9780 Preserve Planet Earth (Water and Environment) Committee and Highlands Regional Waste Management Group.

Locally, it's being supported by the Rotary Club of Queenscliffe, Borough of Queenscliffe Council and Barwon Regional Waste Management Group.

Where do I take my old tubes and bulbs?

Simply drop your old tubes and bulbs into Council offices during business hours: 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff

They'll be stored safely until Rotarians transport them to the Detox your Home site at the North Geelong Transfer Station.

What types of bulbs can I bring in for recycling?

Council will accept:

  • Old fluorescent tubes
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
  • Light bulbs.

Council will not accept:

  • Broken tubes, lamps or incandescent globes
  • Fluorescent tubes from commercial sources.

What happens to the tubes and bulbs that I recycle?

During the recycling process the fluorescent tubes and compact lamps are crushed and separated into glass, aluminium end caps and phosphor powder. Each of these components is then reused in other products.

Need more information?

To find out more, including the locations of other collection points, check out the Blinky Bulb website or contact Council's Sustainability Officer.