The Borough of Queenscliffe has parking areas within the municipality that are time restricted as well as parking bays for special needs, such as disabled bays and loading zones. Local law officers regularly patrol the municipality and issue on-the-spot fines for anyone breaching the Road Regulations.

Ticketed parking

JL Jordan Reserve, located at the lower (northern) end of Hesse Street, provides a 24-hour ticketed parking area for vehicles and boat trailers. A 24-hour parking ticket costs $12.00 and must be displayed face-up on the dash of the vehicle. Yearly permits are available – see the Boat Ramp page for more details.

Penalties apply to vehicles that do not display a valid ticket or permit.

Please observe the signage in the Borough and take care not to obstruct access for pedestrians or vehicles.

If you have been issued with a penalty notice, you have 28 days in which to pay or appeal the penalty notice to avoid additional charges. Please read carefully the information provided on the infringement and follow the instructions. If you have any queries please contact Customer Service on 03 5258 1377.

Loading zones

To be eligible to use a loading zone, your vehicle must fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. A truck or utility built for the carrying of goods
  2. A vehicle that is permanently sign-written (painted) or displays a magnetic or other sticker so as to clearly indicate to Council that the vehicle is being used in connection with a commercial business
  3. A vehicle that has a "G" registration.

You must be loading or unloading goods and you are only permitted to stay the indicated time.

Penalties apply to vehicles that do not qualify to use the loading zone.

Parking – disabled permits

Disabled parking bays are reserved for people who hold a valid category 1 permit only. To be eligible to use the disabled parking bay the disabled person must actually be getting getting out of the vehicle.  If all available disabled bays are occupied a permit holder may stay in a normal parking bay for twice as long as the time limit specified for that parking bay. Disabled parking permits are to be displayed on the dash of the car.

To obtain a disabled permit, your doctor must complete an application form and then submit it to council for assessment. You will be informed within three to five days if your application has been successful or not.

Penalties apply to anyone parking without a valid permit in a disabled bay.

Sleeping in parked vehicles

It is an offence to sleep in any vehicle in any public place in the Borough of Queenscliffe. Arrangements for accommodation should be made before arriving to ensure you have a place to stay. The Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre can provide accommodation advice. Penalties apply per person.

Drinking alcohol in vehicles or in public places

Except where premises are licensed premises or authorised premises under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 or where the Council has granted an exemption or a permit, a person must not consume any liquor or have in his or her possession any liquor in an open container in any public place or in a vehicle in a public place in the municipal district. Penalties apply per person

For more information, please contact Customer Service on 03 5258 1377.