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Park Rules

Queenscliffe Tourist Parks Rules & Conditions
Current as at 1 July 2011

Management requests your co-operation in observing the spirit of these conditions for the mutual benefit of all park guests


Management has the right to refuse entry to any person or cancel the booking of an occupant who does not abide by these conditions. The park management also has the right to relocate a site if the need arises. All patrons must check into the office on arrival


  1. Rain trenches are prohibited.
  2. All sites must be kept neat and tidy.
  3. Subletting sites is strictly prohibited.
  4. Open fires and the use of solid fuel BBQ's are not permitted at any time.
  5. Trees and plants are not to be trimmed or removed.
  6. Fences or screens are not permitted around sites.
  7. Gazebos must be dismantled and stored inside the caravan when the site is unoccupied.
  8. The drawbar of your caravan must face the road.
  9. Rubbish bins are not to be moved from designated areas.
  10. All hard waste must be removed and disposed of by site occupier.
  11. Please use sullage hose or bucket at all times.
  12. Waste water must not be allowed to overflow buckets and must be emptied into gully traps.
  13. Taps are for use by all patrons and must be available for others to use at all times.
  14. No external carpet is allowed. Only approved "grass friendly" annex matting will be permitted.
  15. Management reserves the right to restrict the number of persons, equipment and cars on any site or in any area of the park.
  16. Strictly only one car per site is permitted.
  17. No boats are allowed in the park during peak times.
  18. Please do not park your car on a vacant site.
  19. The speed limit in the parks is walking pace.
  20. Children under 18 are not to occupy sites without Parents.


  1. All children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Do not enter toilets and showers when they are being cleaned, this is for your safety.
  3. Please leave the amenities and laundry, as you would like to find them.
  4. Use showers sensibly with due regard to your fellow campers.
  5. Smoking is not allowed in these areas.
  6. Do not wash wetsuits, surfboards, or boogie boards, etc. in the showers.
  7. Children are not to play in the toilets or laundries.
  8. Do not clean fish in laundries.
  9. Dishes may only be washed in toughs made for that purpose.


Only one 15amp AS/NZS 3760:2001 standard extension lead can be connected to any one power head plug socket per site. Double adapters in power heads are prohibited. Management also reserves the right to demand removal from site, any electrical equipment it deems to be non compliant, or any equipment considered suspect.

All cords must be removed from the power heads and put inside when your caravan is unoccupied.

Staff will disconnect cords if left plugged in and will not be liable for any resultant damage occasioned by so doing


Hoses must be disconnected from taps and hoses stored inside vans.


Alcohol may be consumed on a site only. No alcohol is to be consumed while walking around park or in public areas including Monahan centre and on the oval.


Noise level must be kept to a minimum; this includes TVs, radios, etc after 10.00pm; and 12.30 am on New Years Eve. Parents/Guardians must be responsible for children at all times.

Park Management reserves the right to evict any patrons involved in offensive or unruly behaviour.

Please note: Alcohol is banned over the Music Festival Weekend.


The riding of pushbikes without lights between official sunset and sunrise is prohibited.

Helmets must be worn at all times. All road regulations and speed limits apply to pushbikes as well as cars.


The site occupier is responsible for all visitors. Day visitors are welcome between 8.00am and 10.00pm. All visitors staying overnight must notify the office on arrival.

Overnight visitors are required to pay overnight site fees.


Security officers and Park staff make regular patrols of the park. If you require any assistance urgently please call our office or use the intercom phone at office door.


  1. Pets can only stay between the 1st May & the 1st November.
  2. Dogs are allowed at managements discretion.
  3. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.
  4. Dogs must always be on a leash when outside tent or caravan.
  5. The office must be notified when pets are in the park.
  6. Dogs must not bark or howl or cause any disturbance to the peaceful atmosphere of the park.
  7. The person in charge of the pet has full responsibility of cleaning up after the pet.
  8. Pets are not allowed in the amenity blocks.
  9. Dogs must not be left tied up and unattended at any time.
  10. All dogs must be registered.


When rebooking for next season:

  1. Re bookings must coincide with current booking ie dates and site
  2. Deposit of $100.00 must be left at time of booking
  3. Rebooking deposit non refundable after 31 July, cancellations prior to this date incurs a $50.00 administration fee
  4. Booking must be 7 days or more
  5. Bookings are not transferable
  6. Any requests for changes to booking will be dealt with by end April
  7. Cancelled bookings can not be transferred over to following year (ie 10/11 booking to 11/12)


The bins with yellow lids are for recycling. These bins are for glass, bottles, jars, milk cartons, cans, newspapers, and magazines, cardboard and plastic bottles. All other rubbish is to go into the bins with green lids.


A cancellation fee applies to all cancellations.

Refunds are not given at peak times unless site or accommodation is re booked.

NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN, however a refund cheque will be issued in due course.


Please refer to the evacuation procedures displayed on notice boards to be aware of appropriate behavior in an emergency.


Any expenses incurred, as a result of damage to or loss to the caravan park by patrons will be met on demand by the patrons responsible.

As a condition of entry to the caravan park it is acknowledged that the caravan park management, and its employees or contractors will not be liable in any way whatsoever, for any damage or theft caused to patron's property. This includes damage caused by acts of nature and disruptions to power supply.

Emergency Evacuation Plans are displayed at all amenities blocks, laundries and the park office. For your safety please familiarize yourself with the evacuation locations within the park.