Gender equality

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At the Borough of Queenscliffe, we're proud of our commitment to gender equality. We embrace our obligations under the Victorian Gender Equality Act 2020 to both promote gender equality, and take necessary and proportionate action towards achieving gender equality. 

The Gender Equality Act 2020 also requires Council to:

  • Conduct Gender Impact Assessments when developing or reviewing any policy, program or service that has a direct and significant impact on the public
  • Undertake regular Workplace Gender Audits that assess the state and nature of gender inequality in Council's workplace
  • Prepare a Gender Equality Action Plan every four years that includes strategies and measures for promoting gender equality in Council's workplace based on the results of the workplace gender audit
  • Submit regular Progress Reports to the Gender Equality Commissioner reporting on Council's gender impact assessments undertaken and progress made against the measures and strategies set out in Council's Gender Equality Action Plan. 

Earlier in 2022, we developed our inaugural Gender Equality Action Plan(PDF, 2MB), and we're proud to have had it accepted by the Gender Equality Commissioner. The Plan necessarily focuses on Council's workplace rather than community actions and outlines a range of actions and strategies towards progressing gender equality in our workplace over the next four years.