Community grants

Boomerang Bags volunteers, recipients of a BoQ community grant

Council provides grants to community organisations that support community, art and cultural projects and activities that enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of residents living in the Borough of Queenscliffe. These grants allow for up to $2,000 for projects to provide vital community services and activities.

The program aims to assist local community groups and organisations to increase involvement and provide opportunities for Council and the community to work together. We know that groups often need support, so we make a total of $20,000 in grant funding available annually through the Community Grants program.  


Step 1.What we want to achieve

The Borough of Queenscliffe Community Grants Program is provided:

  • To encourage and assist common interest groups to take an active involvement in the life of their community for the overall benefit of that community and its members
  • To help communities to help themselves become stronger and more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable
  • To enhance leadership and other civic skills within communities so as to enhance the capacity of those communities to address local issues and challenges and to build vibrant, healthy places.

Step 2.How your project will be assessed

Applications are assessed by the Community Grants Reference Group and final decisions are formally endorsed by Council. The Community Grants Reference Group will consist of at least one (1) Councillor, three (3) community members, and Council officers as necessary.

Projects must fit within one of the following priorities:

  • Projects that support community wellbeing and encourage an active lifestyle
  • Projects that protect our distinctive coastal, cultural and built environment, and provide sustainable, suitable infrastructure
  • Projects that support a prosperous and diverse local economy
  • Projects that protect our environment and address climate change issues.

Strong consideration will also be given to projects that support the objectives of the community-led Climate Emergency Response Plan (CERP). The CERP is designed around three targets and such targets will be achieved through a variety of actions that are directed by 8 pillars. Please refer to page 10 and 11 of the CERP for more information.

Step 3.Assessment criteria

Your project will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. The project fits within at least one of the following Funding Categories:
    • Community Support and Inclusion
      Such as projects, events or activities that address social isolation, accessibility, gender equality and/or provide community celebrations or events
    • Leisure and Recreation
      Such as projects or activities that promote recreation, physical activity and participation
    • Minor Equipment
      Such as projects that demonstrate access for all, shared use of community facilities and equipment
    • Arts and Culture
      Such as projects that strengthen participation in arts activities and contribute to the cultural life of our community.
  2. The project effectively meets an identified community need.
  3. The project has clear and achievable objectives and outcomes.
  4. The project demonstrates that it is inclusive for people of all abilities.
  5. The project has been accurately costed and a budget provided. Important: Please include a copy of all quotes with the application. Grant request must be GST-exclusive.
  6. The organisation has the capacity to promote and implement the project. 


Step 1.Who can apply

If you answer YES to ALL the following criteria then you are eligible to apply for a grant:

The project will:

  • Be managed through a legal entity such as an incorporated association
  • Clearly demonstrate a benefit to Borough of Queenscliffe residents
  • Commence after 1 July 2023
  • Be completed by 30 June 2024.

Your organisation:

  • Is a not-for-profit group
  • Is able to match the grant amount on a dollar-for-dollar basis, either in cash and/or through in-kind labour and materials
  • Has an ABN or are willing to supply a statement of supplier form
  • Is submitting only one application
  • Is a religious organisation and eligibility only applies where the project is accessible to all members of the community. Funding will not be considered to support the purchase of equipment or assets.

(Please note that multiple components to the project are permitted)

Whilst the maximum grant amount will be $2000, Council reserve the right to consider funding for larger projects.

Step 2.Who can not apply

  • Individuals (you will need to approach an organisation to auspice your project)
  • For-profit organisations
  • Any Committees of the Borough of Queenscliffe, including advisory committees and committees of management
  • Organisations based outside the Borough, unless the project can be proven to be of benefit to Borough of Queenscliffe residents
  • Organisations that have commenced projects prior to the allocation of funds
  • Organisations applying for recurrent funding or operational costs
  • Organisations who have not submitted a Community Grant Acquittal Form for projects that have received prior funding.

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Next steps

Step 1.Conditions of grant funding

If your organisation is successful in obtaining a community grant, you will be required to sign a funding agreement stating that your organisation will adhere to the following conditions while undertaking the funded project:

  • Grants are allocated specifically for the project funded and cannot be used for any other purpose without prior formal written agreement from Council
  • Funds are required to be expended by 30 June 2024. Funds not expended by this date are to be returned to the Borough of Queenscliffe unless written permission is obtained from Council for an extension or variation to the project
  • Grant funds allocated to the organisation are GST-exclusive
  • Organisations are required to meet relevant government legislative requirements (e.g. Occupational Health & Safety Issues, Equal Opportunity, WorkCover, planning and building permits as needed)
  • Organisations are required to ensure volunteers are adequately covered by insurance
  • A Community Grants Acquittal Form and brief evaluation of the project must be submitted to Council one month after completion of the project.

Please note that organisations will be ineligible for further grants if the Community Grants Acquittal process is incomplete.

Step 2.Notification of results

All applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their application by email. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 8 weeks of the close of applications. Successful applicants will be required to sign a funding agreement that outlines the conditions of the grant. A Community Grants Presentation Ceremony will be conducted to recognise all successful grant recipients.