Event sponsorship

Local resident Peter Deacon picking up rubbish in Queenscliff

Do you or your community organisation have a new idea for an event, project or activity that will support and promote a healthy, involved and creative community? You may be eligible for sponsorship from Council. We're always keen to hear from the community in how we can support the planning and delivery of ideas through sponsorship. 

Application form

Applications for the latest round of event sponsorship are now closed.


What do we want to achieve through the Event Sponsorship Program?

The Borough of Queenscliffe Event Sponsorship Program is provided to:

  • Support and promote a healthy, involved and creative community
  • Increase community capacity, economic opportunities and build a greater understanding of Council’s role in the community
  • Give financial assistance to organisations that can provide tangible and measurable commercial and /or other community benefits from the conduct of an event


Funding is available for:

  • Established and new events
  • One-off and repetitive events
  • Not-for-profit and commercial events


There are 3 sponsorship categories:

  • Local Event (up to $5000)
  • Minor Event (up to $10,000)
  • Major Event (over $10,000)


Is my event eligible?

  • The event will be held in the Borough of Queenscliffe and will specifically benefit residents and businesses of the Borough
  • Events that include other municipalities but have a dominant component in the Borough
  • You are an incorporated, not-for profit group or commercial organisation
  • You are an unincorporated, not-for-profit group with an auspice arrangement* with an incorporated, not-for profit group
  • You are an individual with an ABN or have an auspice arrangement
  • Your event meets the criteria for funding (see event sponsorship policy)
  • You have discussed the proposed event with appropriate Council Officers


Who cannot apply?

  • Delegated Committees or Community Asset Committees of the Borough of Queenscliffe Council
  • Organisations who have not completed an Acquittal Report for a previous Borough of Queenscliffe grant (Event sponsorship or Community Grant)
  • Organisers who are not planning to stage the event in the Borough of Queenscliffe
  • Organisers who cannot adequately demonstrate financial commitment from sources other than Council
  • Organisers who are accepting sponsorship from companies that Council deem are not suitable or aligned with the Council Plan 2021–2025.

How do I apply?

All applications must be made via Council’s online application form.


How will my application be assessed?

  • Applications in the first instance will be assessed by Council officers.
  • Applicants for funding for minor and major events may required to formally represent the application to council officers/and or Council via online or face-to-face
  • Council will make the final decision of the application at a public meeting. The applicant will be advised when this public meeting will be held.


How will I be notified about the result of the funding program?

  • All applicants will receive acknowledgment of receipt of their application.
  • All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email in March 2023.


What are the conditions of the Grant?

  • If your organisation is successful in receiving a sponsorship, payment will be made into your nominated bank account once all relevant documentation is received
  • Payment will be made to the applicant prior to the event being held. The applicant will need to submit the banking details
  • Successful applicants will need to complete and sign sponsorship agreement with the Borough of Queenscliffe
  • An Event Sponsorship acquittal form and brief evaluation of the project must be submitted to Council one month after completion of the project


Please note: applicants will be ineligible for further grants if the Event Sponsorship grant acquittal process is incomplete.