Proposed new bike park

  • Project statusSite investigation continuing
  • Last updatedSeptember 2021
Father and children wearing bike helmets

About the project

Adventurous bike riders in the Borough need a proper bike park where they can challenge themselves and practice their skills. We're starting the design process for a bike park in our community, and we want local riders to help us design it. We know you're creative and passionate, so we want your ideas to make sure we get the design right for this new park.

The bike park will be a win for everyone in our community. Local riders will have a safe location for all ages and levels of experience to practice, and we’ll be able to better protect fragile vegetation in other areas previously used for riding.

Stage one consultation report

We heard ideas from nearly 500 people as part of the first of three stages of consultation for this project. Here are some of things we heard from you:

While a slight majority of respondents were happy with DELWP's suggested location, many of you preferred alternative sites.
Many respondents were happy with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's suggested location of the old High School site, but other respondents preferred alternative locations, including near the skate park in Point Lonsdale.

You wanted a park that was flexible and suited a variety of users.
Whether you were a parent of very young children wanting an accessible space, or an older rider wanting features to challenge yourself on, we heard that the park should consider ways to incorporate the needs of riders of different skill levels.

You felt the park should include amenities and planting as a priority.
Respondents rated features like toilets, drink taps, seating and landscaping as very important to the design, showing you felt these were essential to include in a future bike park.

Click here to read the full consultation report(PDF, 5MB).

Designing the bike park

We'll produce a design alongside the community. The first stage of consultation closed at 11:59pm on Sunday 14 Feburary. We asked about what features you think we should include and what the bike park should look like.

The next stage of consultation will include a community workshop stage. We'll call for applications for this workshop later in 2021, after the location investigation is complete.

Location considerations

The Victorian Government has a number of restrictions on where public facilities like bike parks can be built in coastal areas. We spoke with the Victorian Government's Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP), and they identified the large area of vacant grassed land on the site of the old Queenscliff High School as a site we should investigate for development of a bike park.

We asked for community feedback on this location, and while 56% of respondents who answered this question supported the location, we'll be working with DELWP to suggest and investigate alternative locations. This work is ongoing.

Park inclusions

We're considering a range of options, including a jumps track, a pump track and a long list of potential features. We haven't made any final decisions yet – we wanted to hear your ideas first. You can let us know what you think the bike park should include by taking part in the currently open community engagement.