A new life for old wetsuits

wetsuit recyclingMonique Bregman and Hank Renzenbrink of Sea All Dolphin Swims and Alliance facilitator, Jacqueline Wilson with some of the wetsuits ready for recycling.Wondering what to do with your old wetsuit?

Then look no further than Sea All Dolphin Swims down at the Queenscliff Harbour.

Alliance partner and business owner, Hank Renzenbrink has set up a collection point for wetsuits, which are then sent for recycling.

"Sadly, for years we've had to send our old wetsuits to landfill because we couldn't find a way of recycling them," Hank said.

"We've now found a processor who will gladly take all the wetsuits and turn them into other useful and long lasting products."

The wetsuits are recycled into rubber matting for playgrounds, tree guards, footpaths and factory floors.

"While the majority of wetsuits are sent for recycling, we've also found that locals will also use suits from the bin for repairs or as an extra suit at home," Hank said.

Establishing the drop-off point is part of Sea All Dolphin Swims' commitment to the Community Environment Alliance.

"We take every action possible to reduce our impact on the environment as part of our normal business operations. Offering the wetsuit recycling drop-off point is another action we can take to protect our environment."

More details: Sea All Dolphin Swims on 5258 3889