Point Lonsdale Civic Association Inc.

The Point Lonsdale Civic Association is a group of residents and friends of Point Lonsdale who care about: the conservation, protection and maintenance of the beaches, foreshore, dune systems, natural environment and beauty of Point Lonsdale and surrounding areas; the conservation and maintenance of historic buildings, sites and precincts within the Borough of Queenscliffe; the retention of Point Lonsdale as a peaceful holiday resort and residential area consistent with orderly and compatible development; and the provision and maintenance of public facilities in Point Lonsdale and the wider Region. Meetings are held in January, February, April and November at the Point Lonsdale Primary School. No meeting is scheduled during the winter period but meetings are called if a matter arises that requires discussion and input from members. Meetings are usually also attended by Councillors of the Borough of Queenscliffe and interested residents.


Postal Address:

PO Box 28, Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

Primary Contact Name:

Michelle Jepson




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