Pet Registration

If you have a dog or cat over the age of three months, it must be registered with the Council in which it normally resides. Pet registration is a legal requirement under the Domestic (Feral & Nuisance) Animals Act 1994. Download the 2021–22 Pet Registration Form here.

All cats registered within the Borough of Queenscliffe must be desexed. Any dog or cat being registered with the Borough of Queenscliffe for the first time must be microchipped. Compulsory microchipping helps to prevent the needless destruction of cats and dogs and provides an additional means of identification in case your animal's collar or Council-issued tag falls off. The Council is often asked why it is important and/or why an owner should register when microchipping will help a lost pet find its way home. While microchipping provides a reunification service, there are many things that microchipping cannot provide that registration does and often makes reuniting pets much easier.

Dogs and cats should wear their Council identification tags at all times. In 2013 lifetime registration tags were introduced by the Borough of Queenscliffe. No new tags will be issued unless it is for a newly registered animal or if a current tag has been lost/broken. If a new tag is issued the number will remain with the animal for the life of the animal. If a tag has been lost/broken Council can issue a new tag and a tag number for a $2 fee.

Dual registration

If you reside in another municipality but you own a property in the Borough of Queenscliffe, you may wish to have a dual registration for your dog or cat. For a fee of $7.00 your dog/cat will be registered and issued with a Queenscliffe tag so that you can be sure your animal will be returned to you swiftly if they are found roaming. Proof of your animals residential Council’s Registration must be provided.

Moving home

If you move to a new municipality, make sure you transfer your pet's registration. You must also remember to update your contact details with your microchip registry. This is a separate task to updating your pet registration records with your local council.

Making your payment

Please note that this year the BPAY Biller Code has changed for animal registration. All information including the Biller Code and reference number is displayed on the bottom of the Animal Registration Renewal form along with other payment methods. Please note the BPAY option is not available if any changes to your current registration is required. Changes can be made by contacting the Customer Service Team on 5258 1377.