Public Question Time

Council meetings are an integral part of the planning, policy and decision-making process of Council. Members of the public are encouraged to attend Council meetings and participate during the public question time.

Council encourages the early submission of questions to enable the preparation of a considered response. Questions received after 3:00pm on the day of the meeting will be treated as correspondence, with a written response provided as per Council’s Customer Service Charter.

As to the form of questions, it is recommended that questions must be in writing and in English and questions must be 75 words or less and may include a short preamble (up to 150 words). A maximum of one question will be accepted from any one person per Council meeting.

Public questions can be lodged via email, in person, in writing or by completed the following online form. Please refer to the Public Question Time Guidelines for further information.

Lodge a Public Question

Read the Public Question Time Guidelines

Considering the general rights of citizens to take part in the conduct of Council affairs, if providing a question in writing and or in English unreasonably prevents or hinders participation in public question time, assistance with submitting questions is available from Council, via an interpreter service if required.

All questions responded to and answers provided during Public Question Time shall be recorded in the Public Minutes of the Council Meeting. For assistance with Public Questions please contact Council on 5258 1377.