A new bike park for the Borough

Adventurous bike riders need a local bike park to test their skills. Help us design one for the Borough.


Last updated: January 2020
Current status: Consultation open

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Adventurous bike riders in the Borough need a proper bike park where they can challenge themselves and practice their skills. We're starting the design process for a bike park in our community, and we want local riders to help us design it. We know you're creative and passionate, so we want your ideas to make sure we get the design right for this new park.

The bike park will be a win for everyone in our community. Local riders will have a safe location for all ages and levels of experience to practice, and we’ll be able to better protect fragile vegetation in other areas previously used for riding.


How you can help design the bike park

Anyone is welcome to take part in helping with the design, including kids and teenagers. If you're under 18, you may want to ask a parent for help completing the survey.

Take an online survey.
Click here to take the survey at any time before 11:59pm on Sunday 14 Feburary. We'll be asking about what features you think we should include and what the bike park should look like.

Send us a drawing or plan
Get creative and send us a sketch of what you think the bike park should look like. You can upload a drawing as part of your response to the survey above, or send it to us via email at info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au or by post to 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff VIC 3225.


Why are we looking at building a new bike park?

Firstly, Council has heard from riders for a while that a new bike park would be a great feature for our local community. In fact, several participants in last year's budget survey told us this was one of the projects they most wanted us to invest in. We try to be responsive to ideas we get from local residents, and we think this is a great idea that will give riders a place to practice their skills and spend time together.

Secondly,  Council closed a number of informal bike tracks in Point Lonsdale in 2020 to protect sensitive coastal vegetation. We've really appreciated local riders staying away from these areas to help them regrow, but we know that this means there are even fewer places to ride than before. Building a proper bike park will give riders a fantastic new facility so they don't need to ride in areas with sensitive vegetation – the solution is a win for everyone.


Where are we considering building the bike park?

The Victorian Government has a number of restrictions on where public facilities like bike parks can be built in coastal areas. We spoke with the Victorian Government's Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP), and they identified the large area of vacant grassed land on the site of the old Queenscliff High School as a site we should investigate for development of a bike park.

We agree that it's a suitable location: it's accessible to everyone, has some nearby car parking, has plenty of space, and is located halfway between the town centres of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff. You can provide feedback on this location as part of the currently open community engagement. 


What will the bike park include?

That's up to you! We're considering a range of options, including a jumps track, a pump track and a long list of potential features. We haven't made any final decisions yet – we wanted to hear your ideas first. You can let us know what you think the bike park should include by taking part in the currently open community engagement.