Community Engagement Policy

Council has updated its Community Engagement Policy to comply with the new Local Government Act 2020 and is now seeking your feedback on a draft policy.


Last updated: November 2020
Current status: Consultation closed, updates coming soon

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Click here to read the new draft policy


What's a Community Engagement Policy?

A Community Engagement Policy is a written document which is a fundamental cornerstone of local government. The policy's purposes are as follows:

  1. to outline Council's commitment to engaging with the community;
  2. to provide guidance to the organisation in undertaking community engagement and consultation activities;
  3. to inform the Queenscliffe community about Council’s approach to community engagement and consultation; and
  4. to foster high quality engagement practices across the organisation.


Why is Council altering its current policy?

Council's current Community Engagement Policy was written in 2014, and the adoption of the new Local Government Act 2020 means that necessary changes to the policy are required to comply with the Act.

The proposed draft also seeks to improve on Council's current policy by setting clear principles for community engagement, more directly outlining when community engagement will occur, and giving greater definition to the methods and processes that will guide engagement activities.


How can I provide feedback?

The window for feedback closed on 19 November 2020. Thank you to everyone who got involved. We'll have more updates for you soon. In the meantime, click here to read the draft policy

For more information, please contact Council on (03) 5258 1377 or by email at info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au.


What's changed?

You can read a copy of our current Community Engagement policy here: https://www.queenscliffe.vic.gov.au/council/publications-strategies-and-reports/policies

You can compare this with the proposed draft at the link above.

A summary of changes is listed below by section. Because section titles have been changed and reordered in this policy, these are presented in the same order and language as the draft policy.



This section of the new policy has been updated to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020. These principles are applied throughout the policy, and interpreted under How Council will engage with the community.



Definitions have been updated for clarity and consistency throughout the document. Some areas of ambiguity have also been removed, such as the difference between consultation broadly and the IAP2 Level 2 - Consult.


When Council will undertake community engagement

Changes include:

  • Greater clarity on how project categories impact community engagement activities.
  • Specific plans for which Council will conduct engagement in line with the Local Government Act 2020


When Council might not undertake community engagement

Changes include:

  • Some minor changes to language for clarity


How Council will engage with the community

Changes include:

  • The application of three broad principles for Council's community engagement:
    • Community engagement should have a clear purpose and function
    • Community engagement should be accessible to everyone
    • Community engagement should be open and transparent.
  • These clear principles make it easier for Council and the community to check engagement activities comply with this policy, and also understand how and why Council uses different engagement strategies.
  • Underneath these principles, clear requirements and examples are listed for applying these principles to Council's community engagement activities.


Methods and approaches to community engagement

Changes include:

  • Examples of methods are directly listed within the policy
  • Examples of advertising are directly listed within the policy
  • Methodologies are connected back to the principles referred to earlier in the policy.


Former section 1.6 Consultation Categories and Methods

This section has been deleted, as the categories themselves are clearly outlined under When Council will undertake community engagement, and communication methods are now included under Methods and approaches to community engagement



Changes include:

  • Minor changes to language and formatting.