Hesse Street Revitalisation

First round of consultation concluded

Between 19 November 2018 and 29 January 2019, a community consultation firm called PLACESCORE undertook a range of consultation activities on behalf of the Borough of Queenscliffe. These activities involved online surveys and face-to-face engagements along Hesse Street. 331 responses were received during the consultation period. Council thanks everybody who has provided feedback on values and priorities for the revitalisation of Hesse Street. For a summary of results, please click here. For the full results report, click here.

Background and further information

At the Ordinary Meeting held on 20 September 2018, Council endorsed a project plan for infrastructure improvements in Hesse Street. Click here to read the project plan on page 21 of the Minutes of the 20 September Ordinary Meeting.

Council held a Hesse Street Revitalisation Stakeholder Workshop with local traders in late October 2018. The workshop included discussion with local traders and commercial property owners to develop an understanding of what they like and don’t like about Hesse Street, and generate ideas for possible improvement. An outline of the intended process for community consultation, development of concept plans and overall project timelines was also provided.

The Workshop was followed up by face to face Place Experience (PX) Assessments conducted along Hesse Street in November 2018 by independent research agency, Place Score. The face to face assessments asked respondents to rate how well Hesse Street is performing.

Place Score also prepared the Hesse Street survey, which prompted people to identify and prioritise what they care about most in their ideal town centre. The responses reflect the needs and values of the people who work in, shop in and visit Hesse Street and guide Council’s next steps in the revitalisation project.

Concept plans will be presented to Council. If the concept plans are adopted, Council would then investigate funding options for the works proposed in the concept plans.