Victorian Government Pick My Project Gym Stations

Staying fit and active should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or wealth. Through the Victorian Government's Pick My Project initiative, the Rotary Club of Queenscliffe have come up with an initiative to install outdoor fitness equipment at two stations: one along the Point Lonsdale Foreshore, and one in Queenscliff in Princess Park. This equipment will mean everyone in our community will have access to outdoor gyms that are open 24/7 and free to use.


Last updated: June 2020
Current status: Complete and open to the public


About the equipment

More than 700 outdoor fitness installations have been installed around Australia, but none are inside the Borough. Bringing this project to our community will help us all be healthier and happier.

While the Victorian Government's original funding requirements for the project required the Point Lonsdale equipment to be installed close to the beach, Council responded to community feedback by identifying nearby sites that are set back from the foreshore and won't affect any vegetation. The sites for the project are as follows:


Station one: Point Lonsdale Foreshore Reserve

Two stations have been built along the Foreshore at Point Lonsdale as part of a fitness trail. These stations are designed to be particularly accessible for seniors, allowing older residents to exercise along one of our community’s favourite walking trails. This particular station is located in the park near the Point Lonsdale shops. This is a safe, visible location with no existing vegetation, and in an area where people are already active.

Available exercises include aerobic, weight training and mobility exercises.



Station two: Princess Park

Five stations offering fourteen different exercises are offered in one location in Princess Park, Queenscliff for residents looking to challenge themselves. The site location is near the playground – another safe, visible location where people are active and no existing vegetation will be disturbed.

Available exercises include aerobic, weight training, dexterity and mobility exercises.



These locations will maximise usability 

Each location was chosen in line with the Victorian Government’s Guidelines for Planning, Installing and Activating Outdoor Fitness Equipment. By placing fitness equipment in locations where residents are already active (like walking trails), more members of our community will be able to use this equipment as part of their current fitness activities.


About Pick My Project

This project is funded by the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project program. Pick My Project ran in 2018 and was widely publicised across Victoria. More than 95,000 Victorians cast votes, with the most popular projects receiving funding. Residents with an address within 50km of Queenscliff/Point Lonsdale voted on projects in our community. This project was funded because it was the most popular project in the Borough, receiving 161 votes. Thank you to everyone in the community for your support!