Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve

Council thanks everybody who responded to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve Draft Landscape Masterplan Survey. Please note that this survey closed on Monday 3 December 2018 at 4:00pm.

Click on the links below to read the latest Project Update and view the draft Landscape Masterplan online. Copies of the draft Landscape Masterplan are also available to view at Council’s offices at 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff.

Project Update

Draft Landscape Masterplan

Community consultation

Council held two drop-in community open house sessions about the draft Landscape Masterplan on:

  • Tuesday 20 November 2018 between 3:30pm and 5:00pm at The Engine Shed (Point Lonsdale Board Riders Club), Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve; and
  • Saturday 24 November 2018 between 10:00am and 11:30am at the Point Lonsdale Primary School Learning Commons, 22 Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale.

Council also prepared a survey so that members of the community could have their say on the draft Landscape Masterplan for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve. The survey was available to complete online, and was sent by mail or email to all ratepayers in the Borough of Queenscliffe. Hard copies of the survey were available to pick up at Council’s offices as well.


In 2012, management responsibility for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve was transferred from the State Government to the Borough of Queenscliffe.

In 2013, Council commenced a community consultation process to plan for the future of the reserve. The community consultation reflected a strong preference against commercial development and for landscape development only. The landscape concept plan for the preferred option included significant landscaping, removal of all Toc H buildings, provision of picnic facilities, heritage interpretation, accessible pathway connections and improved amenities, and reconfiguration of car parking at the Lighthouse Reserve. Council endorsed the community’s preferred option at its April 2015 Ordinary Meeting.

After an extended period of advocacy, Federal and State Government funding was obtained to implement the landscape concept plan, subject to subsequent detailed design. The total project budget was $800,000. Of this, $200,000 was from the Federal Government’s Green Army program to restore and protect native vegetation on the reserve. This was completed in March 2018.The remaining $600,000 for design and implementation comprises $500,000 from the State Government and $100,000 from the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Council established a community reference group in April 2017 to provide information and feedback during the detailed design process.Ten community members – Neville Barwick, Ross Bird, Matt Davis, Michael Dowling, Lester Hunt, Mervyn Jaensch, Michelle Jepson,David Kenwood, Andrew Sutherland and Sue Wasterval – were appointed to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve Reference Group, along with Cr Bob Merriman (Chair) and Cr Boyce Pizzey.

Tract, a national planning and design practice, was engaged in early 2018 to prepare the detailed design plan for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve based on the initial concept plan and input from the Reference Group.

The Reference Group researched the history and significance of the site and its elements. It has worked with the consultants and endorsed nearly all the elements in the resulting draft landscape masterplan prepared by Tract, which was considered by Council at its August 2018 Ordinary Meeting. Tract’s draft Landscape Masterplan Option C is the preferred option of the Reference Group.

The endorsed elements of the draft masterplan include:

  • Vegetation improvements;
  • Improved links to the Rip View carpark;
  • New pathways and signage;
  • A ship viewing area at the lighthouse;
  • An accessible boardwalk to the lighthouse;
  • Improvements to the lighthouse surrounds;
  • Improvements to the cliff-top pathway; and
  • Seating and BBQ facility options.

The Reference Group did not conclude a recommendation on some elements, including:

  • The final extent of car parking on the Lighthouse Reserve;
  • The use of buildings on the Lighthouse Reserve;
  • The location and form of a ‘village green’ and amphitheatre; and
  • The all-abilities path to the Point Lonsdale Pier.

The future of the Toc H buildings (also known as P1 huts) has been a contentious part of deliberations. For its brief, Tract was to assume removal of the buildings, while noting that the Reference Group, in its deliberations, had considered up to 10 different scenarios based on combinations of retaining or removing the buildings. The Reference Group then resolved that the final outcome would be based on one of the following six scenarios:

  1. Demolish all four existing buildings and install interpretative signs on site (estimated cost $120,000).
  2. Demolish all four existing buildings and build a new interpretative centre that includes amenities, air conditioning and displays. Approximate area of the new building 160 square  metres (estimated cost $760,690).
  3. Remove asbestos from four buildings, new cladding material similar to original P1 huts (corrugated galvanised iron sheets), buildings sealed with no access to inside of building (estimated cost $164,000).
  4. Remove asbestos from four buildings, new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, minimal fit out to allow for community use (estimated cost $554,000).
  5. Remove asbestos from four buildings, new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, fit out of largest building (known as McDonald’s Hall) as an exhibit, three remaining buildings securely sealed with no access to inside of buildings (estimated cost $206,600).
  6. Demolish largest building, all asbestos removed from three remaining buildings, new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, fit out of three remaining buildings for community use (estimated cost $1,010,400).

The Reference Group took the view that the Toc H buildings contribute to the significance of the site and unanimously determined that, from the above scenarios, their preferred and recommended option is number 5 (remove asbestos from four buildings, install new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, fit out of largest building as an exhibit, the three remaining buildings to be securely sealed with no access to inside of building), and that these works be undertaken as early stage works within the project. The Reference Group also agreed that the fit out of the largest building as an exhibit could be completed during a future stage. In addition, construction of a new interpretative centre that includes amenities, air conditioning and displays (approximately 160 square metres) might be considered in the future.

Council is now calling for feedback from the wider community on key proposals before making a final decision on the draft landscape masterplan.

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