Queenscliffe Hub

The Queenscliffe Hub is an exciting new integrated research and learning centre that will revitalise the Hesse St streetscape while promoting and enhancing its existing services.

Last updated: February 2020
Current status: Second round of community consultation now open.


Consultation on this project is now open

Thanks for providing your thoughts in designing and building a new facility for the Library, Museum and Visitor Information Centre. You can read the full feedback report here. We'll combine this feedback with any last thoughts you have on the Hub development before a brief is sent to the architect. To take part in providing additional feedback, you can:

1) Complete the online survey right now.

2) Use the self-guided consultation desk at Council offices any time during business hours before Sunday 1 March.


Why is the Hub being created?

The Queenscliffe Hub is a project that offers substantial economic and social benefits for our region. It recognises the importance of the Queenscliffe Historical Museum, Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre and Queenscliff Library in the preservation and promotion of our maritime, military and cultural heritage. The Hub will be a multi-use community facility focused on innovative delivery of information, cultural development and services to residents and visitors alike.


How is the Hub being funded?

A total of $5.75 million has been allocated to the Borough of Queenscliffe for the construction of the Hub. The funding is made up of contributions from the Federal Government, the State Government's Living Libraries Program, Regional Infrastrucutre Fund and Community Support Fund, and the Borough of Queenscliffe. A funding collaboration between all three levels of government is a very appropriate result for a project that has collaboration at its heart. Council looks forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure a great result for the Borough community.


What are the next steps?

Project management firm Cerno has recently been appointed to lead the way on development, while community engagement specialist Kismet Forward has also been selected to oversee the engagement activities for the project. These appointments will pave the way for extensive community consultation administered by Council to local residents throughout the life of the project and before any design work commences.