Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Christmas

Thursday, 19 December 2019

On behalf of myself and the entire Borough of Queenscliffe, I’d like to wish everyone a safe, enjoyable Christmas and a happy New Year. This is traditionally a time where we get together with family and friends and celebrate the year that has passed, and I certainly appreciate the joyous nature that often reverberates around our community throughout December. But I’d also like you to consider those who might be doing it tough this Christmas for whatever reason, and to keep them in your thoughts.

Recycling is back
I’m sure you’ve already heard the news by now, but recycling is back in the Borough (and throughout the G21 councils) as of this week after an agreement was reached with Cleanaway to take over the processing of our kerbside collected recyclable materials. What is absolutely paramount to the success of recycling in the future is making sure our yellow bins are free of contamination. Borough residents have always been very good with this, but it’s important that we hammer the message home – recycling is something that’s going to require cooperation from everyone. There are a number of changes to what’s acceptable to recycle now: www.thinkrecycle.com.au has the most up-to-date information.

New drink tap in the Narrows
You might have seen the photo of local resident Lenny Coles alongside my dog Pippa and I at the brand new water fountain in the Narrows Beach car park. There’s a drinking tap for us, and a bowl for our furry friends. This came about because of Lenny’s suggestion at a recent Community Listening Post. I invite you to join myself and Councillors at our next event; dates will be published on Council’s website once they are finalised.

Unique coffee cup tree at the Point Lonsdale market
Finally, a big congratulations to students at Point Lonsdale Primary School who showed off their unique coffee cup tree at the recent Point Lonsdale Community Market. The school received funding through the Borough’s Community Environment Alliance grants and put it to use by introducing china mugs to the market and encouraging patrons to use a reusable cup for their coffee. The local Men’s Shed helped out by constructing the tree of cups. The entire initiative was such a success that the school struggled to keep up with sales at the market! Well done, everyone.

Merry Christmas,

Cr Ross Ebbels
Mayor, Borough of Queenscliffe