Business as usual for Council’s recycling service

Thursday, 08 February 2018

You may have heard recent reports of pressures impacting the recycling industry. We wish to advise Borough residents that this is not impacting our council operations at present.

“We ask our residents to continue recycling as normal as collection services remain unchanged,” confirmed Borough Chief Executive Officer, Lenny Jenner.

Like most of Australia, the Borough’s recycling is processed and utilised both domestically and internationally, including China. At this time changes within the international market have not impacted the Borough’s operations.

“The Borough along with four other neighbouring councils have been working together with our recycling processor to ensure that our council can continue to provide valuable recyclable material to the industry,” confirmed Mr Jenner.

Residents can assist by continuing to recycle as normal. By using the three bin system correctly it will ensure that our recyclables continue to be sought after by the recycling industry and end users. To ensure you are placing the correct material in the yellow lid recycling bin please refer to the A-Z waste and recycling guide on Council’s website,