Emergency Heritage Listing bid unsuccessful

Friday, 26 October 2018

“Council categorically rejects the allegation raised by a community group that the Council’s CEO acted independently or with malice in writing to the Minister for the Environment and Energy regarding the emergency heritage listing bid for Shortland’s Bluff,” said Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Cr Susan Salter.

Council has recently been advised that the application to the Federal Government for the emergency heritage listing of Shortland’s Bluff and environs and the Queenscliff Foreshore Reserve was not successful.

At a Special Meeting of Council held on 10 August 2017, Council resolved that the CEO should write to the Minister for the Environment and Energy to present the information contained in the report tabled at the Special Meeting.

The CEO duly wrote to the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, then Minister for the Environment and Energy, in response to the emergency application from a concerned local citizen. Council’s correspondence advised the Minister on key issues raised in the application for emergency listing and responded to statements in the emergency application that, in Council’s view, were incorrect.

At its 30 March 2017 Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved to formally consider potential national heritage listings as part of its heritage review of the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme. This project will commence shortly.