Emergency works travel application

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Please note: permits will no longer be required to travel to regional Victoria from 11:59pm on Sunday 8 November.

The Victorian Government recently announced that metropolitan Melbourne residents will be able to seek permission from councils to complete emergency preparedness works at a property they own in regional Victoria. This announcement includes metropolitan Melbourne residents who own property in the Borough of Queenscliffe.

If you're a resident of metropolitan Melbourne with an urgent need to undertake fire or flood preparedness works at a property you own, you can now apply for permission to do so.

Click here to download and complete an application form. Once the form is complete, email it to Council at info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au.

Please ensure your application is made at least ten business days prior to your nominated travel date to allow time for your application to be processed. Do not travel to your property until you have received written approval from Council. Please note that due to processing times required for a large number of applications received, Council is unable to process new applications for travel prior to 11:59pm on Sunday 8 November. Permits will no longer be required for travel after this date.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of works can I apply to undertake?
According to Victorian Government directives, applications can only be made for emergency preparedness works. These are works that directly protect an at-risk property from fire or flood damage. General maintenance works, cleaning, or other activities are not covered under this process and are not a valid reason to travel.

Who can apply?
Applications can only be made by residents who reside in metropolitan Melbourne and own property requiring emergency works in the Borough of Queenscliffe. Property owners from regional Victoria do not need a permit to travel to the Borough.

How long can I apply to travel for?
The length of travel in your application should be appropriate for the work to be completed. Overnight stays should be minimised.

Who can travel with me?
Only the applicant and members of the applicant’s household will be permitted to travel for the purpose of emergency preparedness work. The names of all travellers are required on the application form. This is a directive from the Victorian Government.

When can I travel?
You can nominate any day or time to travel to your property. Please make sure you submit your application at least ten business days in advance of the proposed dates of travel to allow time for your application to be processed.