Gellibrand Street consultation results

Thursday, 20 February 2020

The Borough of Queenscliffe thanks residents for taking part in our consultation on the proposed pedestrian crossing on Gellibrand Street. Ninety-six people shared their ideas for how we could make this area even safer – here's what we heard from you:

  • We heard that you agreed with us that speeding traffic and a lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure is a problem on Gellibrand Street.
  • We heard that you preferred a wombat or zebra crossing for a pedestrian crossing design. We also heard that you wanted to see the crossing coupled with reductions in the speed limit, increases in signage and added line marking.
  • We heard that you wanted a crossing to be the first step of a broader approach to addressing pedestrian safety in the area. Many of you suggested Council should look into a pedestrian and traffic plan for Gellibrand Street, as well as its surrounding streets.

How your feedback is changing the project
Council officers really liked your ideas of a master plan for traffic and pedestrians throughout the area, so we've suggested it to Councillors for funding in next year's budget. Having a master plan will help us identify individual components for future funding so we can respond in a strategic way.

We also know that speeding traffic is an issue that needs solutions now, so we'll be using your feedback about the proposed crossing to produce a final pedestrian crossing design and apply for grant funding to get work started. This allows us to start fixing the problem now, while also building this crossing into a broader solution that has a greater impact over the long term.

We'll keep you updated on the project as it progresses, including on whether our grant application to build the crossing has been successful, and any funding that's included in the upcoming budget. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.