Joint waste management partnership saves on costs and environmental impacts

Thursday, 03 August 2017

The Borough of Queenscliffe and Surf Coast Shire Council have joined forces to secure a new green waste management contract that will deliver significant benefits for ratepayers and the environment.

From 1 August 2017, kerbside green waste acceptance and processing will be managed by Corio Waste Management services. This will see approximately 3,500 tonnes of garden organic material processed and redistributed for use in landscaping and agriculture.

The contract ensures secure processing of green waste at Corio Waste Management’s facility in regional Victoria for the next three years, with an option to extend the contract. Corio Waste Management’s processing facility incorporates in vessel composting technology producing a superior standard product.

Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Cr Tony Francis, expressed his enthusiasm for the new approach to green waste management.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Surf Coast Shire to reduce costs and continue to take care of our environment. Council is very proud of the innovative thinking that enabled us to proceed with this new contract for green waste management,” said Cr Francis.

Audits show organic material makes up between 20 to 40 per cent of waste deposited to landfill, significantly contributing large amounts of methane, a strong greenhouse gas, to the environment as the waste breaks down. Corio Waste Management’s practice of processing and redistributing green waste avoids this production of methane.

Surf Coast Shire Council Mayor, Cr Brian McKiterick, is pleased by the opportunities this new partnership presents.

“This partnership with the Borough is a significant step in environmental leadership for both of our communities. In addition, Surf Coast Council will also be investigating options for diverting food organics that will suit our community over the next 12 months,” Cr McKiterick said.

This is the first time the two Councils have entered a joint partnership for green waste management. The increased amount of green waste available for collection across the two municipalities attracted interest from a broader range of contractors, compared to previous tenders.