Landscape Master Plan adopted for Lighthouse Reserve

Thursday, 21 February 2019

At its Ordinary Meeting on Thursday 24 January 2019, Council unanimously resolved to adopt Landscape Master Plan Option C for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve.

Council’s resolution took into account advice from the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve Reference Group, feedback from the Borough of Queenscliffe and wider community and input from Tract Consultants.

“Council’s next steps are to seek relevant advice and approvals to ensure the proposed landscaping works will not compromise the current application for National Heritage Listing of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve, and consult with Heritage Victoria and the Australian Heritage Council,” said Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Cr Bob Merriman.

“We thank everybody in the community who has provided feedback on this project so far,” said Cr Merriman.

Work at the Lighthouse Reserve will proceed according to Landscape Master Plan Option C, prepared by Tract Consultants in July 2018, subject to the inclusion of a possible future car park expansion area and any amendments to future Council decisions regarding the four Toc H buildings at the Reserve, if required.

Community response to the three options presented for the treatment of the Toc H buildings is shown in the table below:

Option  Respondents in favour
Demolish all four existing buildings and install interpretative signs on site.  45.16%
Remove asbestos from all four buildings, install new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, fit out largest building (McDonald’s Hall) as an exhibit, seal and secure the three remaining buildings to prevent access to the inside of the buildings.  28.10%
Another option such as install new cladding using material similar to original P1 huts, fit out largest building (McDonald’s Hall) as an exhibit, convert one other building into a shelter, remove remaining two buildings and install interpretative representation of them.  26.74%

The schedule of works associated with the current funding agreement includes construction of paths and trails, installation of interpretative signage, installation of ship-viewing areas, BBQ and associated facilities, and improvements to the Lighthouse surrounds and vegetation.

Works outside of this schedule, including any proposed removal, retention or restoration of the Toc H buildings, will require advice to and permission from Heritage Victoria and the Australian Heritage Council as well as additional future funding.

“Council has committed to maintaining a reference group for this project and undertaking a review of the group’s Terms of Reference to ensure they remain relevant as the project continues,” said Cr Merriman.

“Given the importance of the Lighthouse Reserve to our community and the heritage values of the site, it is essential that Council continue to refer to an advisory body for the duration of the project.”

In response to the results of the community consultation process and feedback from local traders in particular, Council will not proceed with construction of a kiosk at the Lighthouse Reserve at this stage.

“We will consult further with local traders before any future consideration of a temporary or permanent kiosk at a later stage of the project,” said Cr Merriman.

During the consultation process on the landscape master plan options for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve conducted in November 2018 Council received 540 completed surveys, 19 written submissions and one petition from 20 Point Lonsdale traders.