The Borough of Queenscliffe welcomes new citizens

Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Borough of Queenscliffe joined towns and regions across Australia in welcoming four new citizens from two countries as part of Council’s 2019 Australia Day celebrations.

Gurpreet Singh, his wife Alka and daughter Delisha, and Dini Millie, all chose to officially become Australia citizens at a citizenship ceremony hosted by the Borough of Queenscliffe.

C1 for webDini is of Indonesian heritage and married Peter Millie, an Australian citizen, in 2000. Peter and his brothers attended St Aloysius Catholic Primary School in the 1970s when his family lived in Queenscliff, and his parents David and Eva live in Queenscliff today.

Peter and Dini have three children, all born in Sydney, and all Australian citizens. Dini’s sister Widya became an Australian citizen in 2010.

Though still proud of her Indonesian heritage, Dini is pleased to join her husband and children as an Australian citizen. Dini would like to thank all her family and friends, the Department of Home Affairs and the Borough of Queenscliffe for supporting her journey to Australian Citizenship.

C2 for webGurpreet and his family came to Australia from India. Finding his life as a professional accountant in India highly stressful, Gurpreet chose to pursue a new adventure in Australia.

On the advice of his migration agent, Gurpreet investigated an opportunity at Belsize and Co café in Queenscliff five years ago and has worked there ever since. His family are comfortably settled in the Borough, with Alka employed at Lonsdale House Childcare and Delisha a very happy student at Queenscliff Primary School.

While Gurpreet would like to thank every Australian who has given his family a safe and enjoyable life in Australia, he is particularly grateful to his employers, his wife’s employers and the staff at Queenscliff Primary School, as well as his friends, the people of Queenscliff, and the Borough of Queenscliffe Council.