Q. What are my rates and charges used for?

A. Your rates and charges help to fund a range of services plus essential infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, parks and foreshores and sporting facilities.

Q. How are my general rates calculated?

A. Council uses differential rating to set rates in the dollar for distinct categories of rateable land that decrease the rates apportioned to residential properties. Visit Council's Types of Differential Rates webpage to find out more.

Q. How are waste charges calculated?

A. Three waste management charges are itemised on Borough of Queenscliffe Rate Notices:

  • Kerbside waste (general waste, recycling and hard waste);
  • Green waste; and
  • Public waste.

Kerbside waste and green waste services are available to General Residential and Tourist Accommodation properties in the Borough of Queenscliffe. These services are not availanble to Residential Vacant Land, Commercial, and Cultural and Recreational Properties.

Public waste collection and disposal services, including street and park bin collection, street cleaning, street sweeping and beach cleaning, apply to all rateable properties in the Borough of Queenscliffe, to recover the cost of public waste.

More information is available on Council's Waste Charges webpage here.

Q. What do I need to do when there is a change of ownership or billing address?

A. Council must be notified in writing of changes of address, ownership or occupancy. Please complete a Change of Address Form and forward it to our friendly Customer Service team in person, via post or email to info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au. The changes must be signed by all parties to the property. Liability for unpaid rates remains with the owner recorded with the Council until a Notice of Disposition (Transferor) and Notice of Acquisition (Transferee) are received from the transferor's and the transferee's solicitors. Failure to submit a notice within 28 days carries a penalty of $1,000.

Q. Will my general rates increase by 2.5% this year?

A. Not necessarily. While Council’s total general rate revenue will be capped at 2.5% in 2019/20, general rates may increase by more or less than 2.5% depending on the change in your property valuation. Find out more about the State Government's rate cap system on the Vic Councils website here.

Q. How do valuations affect my rates?

A. Revaluations impact the amount of rates billed to each ratepayer by redistributing the overall amount of general rates collected. Individual ratepayers will pay more or less if the movement in the value of your property is above or below the average.

By law, property values must be reviewed annually, based on market values and recent sales trends. Properties were revalued at 1 January 2019 and applied to your rates notice from 1 July 2019.

More information about the Valuation of Land Act and the Valuer-General is available from the Department of Sustainability and Environment website here.

Q. Does Council raise more rate revenue when valuations increase?

A. Property revaluations do not impact the overall amount of general rates collected by Council, just the distribution of rates between individual properties.