Community Satisfaction Survey Results

The annual Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey provides valuable feedback on Council's performance in core performance and service-related areas. The independent survey is coordinated annually by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on behalf of Victorian councils.

Summary of key results

In 2019, the Borough performed above state-wide and small rural average core performance scores for customer service and sealed local roads; matched the scores for overall performance and advocacy; and fell below those for community consultation, making community decisions and overall council direction. Council has noted the issues emerging from the latest survey results and identified a series of actions to be implemented during 2019-20 to address them.

Core Performance Measures Queenscliffe
Small Rural

Overall performance 58 58 60
Community consultation 51 56 56
Advocacy 55 55 54
Making community decisions 49 55 55
Sealed local roads 65 53 56
Customer service 73 70 71
Overall council direction 45 53 53

Survey background

63 of the 79 Victorian councils participated in the 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey.

Results from the Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey are included in the Borough of Queenscliffe Council’s Annual Report.