Kerbside Green Waste Bin Service

Monday, 04 July 2016

What is green waste?

Green waste comes from your garden. If it grows in the ground, it can go in your green waste bin.

Why do we need a green waste bin?

Green waste collected through your household waste bin is sent to landfill. Green waste from your green waste bin is sent for composting and turned into a useful product to improve soils and support food production on local farms.

By using our green waste bins correctly, not only will we reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, but Council will pay less in landfill disposal fees.

How often will my green waste bin be collected?

Your green waste bin is collected fortnightly. There are two green waste bin collection zones – Zone A and Zone B. Collection day for each zone is Friday. The Green Waste Collection Map is available to view here.

You can view the green waste bin collection calendar here.

Where does my green waste go?

Our green waste is accepted by the City of Greater Geelong at a transfer station in Moolap. The green waste is put through a mechanical chipper, which reduces particles to 3cm lengths. It is then trucked to local farms and vineyards and placed in rows with other raw materials for composting.

Over six months, the rows are watered and regularly turned to assist the composting process. The temperature, moisture levels and breakdown status of all rows is regularly monitored and recorded.

Once mature, the compost is tested for nutrient levels and pathogens, plus weeds and seeds. It is then spread on paddocks.

What goes in my green waste bin?

  • Lawn clippings;
  • Weeds;
  • Leaves;
  • Cut flowers;
  • Light prunings;
  • Twigs and small branches.

To ensure the machinery used in the composting process is not damaged, it is important we follow these rules;

  • Any branches between 5cm and 10cm in diameter should NOT be longer than 30cm;
  • Branches or tree limbs thicker than 10cm in diameter should NOT be placed in the green waste bin.

Visit Council’s A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide for a comprehensive list of items that can go in your kerbside three-bin service.

What do I do with larger tree limbs and stumps?

Large tree limbs and stumps should be taken to the landfill facility near Drysdale (charges apply). Placing these larger items in your rubbish bin may make it too heavy for the truck to empty. In this circumstance, you may be required to remove some of the green waste before the truck can empty your bin.

What can’t go in my green waste bin?

  • Plastic supermarket bags;
  • Plastic wrapping (even those marked as ‘compostable’)
  • Rocks and stones;
  • Bricks and concrete;
  • Painted or treated timber;
  • Laminex, plywood or chipboard;
  • Garden pots;
  • Plant labels;
  • Dirt or soil;
  • Food scraps;
  • Cardboard or polystyrene boxes;
  • Shredded paper;
  • Garden tools;
  • Wire and steel posts.
  • Branches thicker than 10cm in diameter;
  • Tree stumps and large limbs;
  • Household recycling;
  • General household rubbish.

These items cannot go through the composting process. Placing these items in your bin contaminates the green waste and damages machinery used in the composting process.

If contamination rates are too high, our green waste will not be accepted for composting and will instead be sent to landfill, incurring additional disposal fees.

Visit Council’s A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide for a comprehensive list of items that can go in your kerbside three-bin service.

Where do I put my bin on collection day?

Place your bin on the kerbside outside your property. Please ensure the bin is facing the street and is at least one metre away from cars, power poles, trees and other obstructions that will prevent the truck from reaching and lifting your bin.

Bins that are overfull, overweight or contain contamination may not be collected. In these circumstances, you may be required to remove the green waste or contamination before the truck can empty your bin.

Council has an expectation that green waste bins should be placed on the kerbside outside your property as close as possible before collection day. Once empty, the bins should be removed from the kerbside as soon as practicable.

If you have any questions about the kerbside green waste service, please contact Council's Customer Service team on 03 5258 1377.