Lawrence Road Carpark Redevelopment

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council wishes to undertake improvements to the Carpark in Lawrence Road that serves the Springs Beach access area. The purpose of this work is to improve the area's functionality, safety and visual amenity.

The carpark provides an access point to the beach as well as being an entry point to the formed walking and cycling path that connects the Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale foreshore areas. The carpark is used by vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Key components

Works to be undertaken with current funding includes:

  • Formalisation and connection of the existing shared pathway with a clear separation from the carpark;
  • Realignment of the existing pathways & construction of a new pathway to separate pedestrian movements from vehicles;
  • Provision of disabled parking ;
  • Provision of passenger drop-off zone;
  • Provision of clear entry/exit points;
  • Provision of a one-way vehicular loop with 600-900 parking;
  • Augment existing revegetation works.


For further information please review the following documents:

Lawrence Road Carpark Redevelopment - Preliminary Design
Lawrence Road Carpark Redevelopment Powerpoint Presentation

Consultation process

Before proceeding to finalise the design, Council wishes to consult with the community and take their ideas into account. A community information session was held on 11 September 2014. Written submissions will be received at the Council Offices from community members until Friday 10th October 2014. Following consideration of the submissions, the concept plan will be revised, if necessary, and finalised.

Project timelines

The timelines for this project are:

  1.  Community Information Session
    • Was held at Point Lonsdale Primary School, Learning Common on Thursday 11th September 2014 from 5.30 to 6.30pm.
  2. Community Consultation
    • Submissions will be received until 4pm Friday 10th October 2014.
  3. Finalisation of Design
    • Following consideration of the submissions, the concept plan will be revised, if necessary, and finalised.
    • The final plan will then be circulated for information purposes.
  4. Detailed Design
    • Detailed design will be completed by mid-December 2014
  5. Calling Tenders for Construction
    • Tenders to be called and close by 10th February 2015
    • The successful contractor to be appointed by 26th February 2015
  6. Construction Works
    Construction anticipated commencing in mid-March 2015 and be completed by end of April 2015.

Further Information

'For further information on this project please contact Graeme Hiller on telephone number 5258 1377.