Aged care

Borough of Queenscliffe community care worker giving cup of tea to elderly lady

More than half of the Borough of Queenscliffe's population is aged over 60. Council has a strong commitment to providing aged care and prides itself on maintaining a 'zero waiting list' for aged care services.

We provide our high-quality service through very capable and caring Community Care Workers, who work with you and/or your carer following an assessment undertaken with you in your home.

Our services are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Available services

Services that can be accessed via Council's aged care program include, but aren't limited to:

  • Home maintenance: Assisting clients to maintain their home in a safe and habitable condition, helping maintain their independence, safety, accessibility and health/wellbeing within the home environment
  • Personal care: Providing frail, older people with support in activities of daily living that help them maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and grooming
  • Home care: Assisting older people with domestic chores to maintain their capacity to manage everyday activities in a safe, secure and healthy home environment
  • Flexible respite: Supporting and maintaining the care relationship between carers and clients through providing quality respite care for frail, older people so that regular carers can take a break.

How to apply

Entry and assessment for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme is conducted via the Australian Government's My Aged Care website. Visit their site to learn about the different types of care, how to get assessed, and managing your service.

The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) is a face-to-face assessment undertaken by a trained Home Support Assessor to work out your aged care service needs and to refer you to appropriate Commonwealth Home Support Programme services. The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) is for older people who have low level needs.

Visit the My Aged Care website for more info.

Organisation Contact Details
Assert 4 All Phone: (03) 5221 8011
ADEC (Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities)

Phone: (03) 9480 7000


Elder Rights Advocacy (Victoria)

Phone: (03) 9602 3066


Regional Information & Advocacy Council 

Phone: (03) 5245 7986


Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service Phone: 1800 014 111
VALID (Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability)

Phone: (03) 9416 4003


Office of the Public Advocate Phone: (03) 9603 9500
Migrant Resource Centre

Phone: (03) 5221 6044


The Borough of Queenscliffe does not provide Meals on Wheels. This service sits with Bellarine Community Health.

Meals on Wheels are available to any person assessed as eligible, who, for reasons of age, disability, chronic or temporary illness, is unable to cope with cooking duties to maintain an adequate diet. Meals may be provided for a few days, a few weeks or indefinitely to meet the individual's needs. The cost of the meals is kept as low as possible, with a small annual increase. Weekend meals are frozen and delivered on a Friday.

Contact My Aged Care for a referral to be put through on your behalf to be assessed for your eligibility. Call 1800 200 422 or visit