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Council holds a variety of meetings at least once a month at the Queenscliff Town Hall.

Ordinary meetings are typically conducted at 7:00pm on either the last or second-last Wednesday of the month. The public is welcome to attend these meetings. Special meetings are only held as required and are not necessarily open to the public. Planning review meetings are held when required, their primary purpose being to review planning applications and meet with the applicant and any objectors. These meetings are open to the public.

The minutes and agendas of all meetings are presented below for your perusal. Where a meeting has been recorded via Zoom or in-person video, a link to the recording has also been made available. You can use filter options to navigate to a particular meeting type, or to search via date or keyword. 

To watch our Ordinary Meetings of Council via Zoom, click here.

Note: This is a new Zoom link as of August 2022, so please update your bookmarks if required.

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Historical Council meetings

Individual meeting documents dating back to November 2016 can be downloaded via the expandable list of meetings above. Historical minutes and agendas dating back to January 2009 can be downloaded in bulk via the zip file links provided below.