About the Borough

Rocks by a pier

The Borough of Queenscliffe is Australia's last remaining borough and the smallest local government area in the state of Victoria. Having survived amalgamation in the early 1990s, Queenscliffe continues to thrive as a tourist haven in the summer and a quiet, friendly home for residents in the winter.

Living in the Borough

The permanent population of around 3,000 take advantage of well-planned streetscapes and infrastructure, including local schools, sports clubs, community and health care services, as well as a range of quality retail providers. There are numerous opportunities for employment in the local area, including retail, tourism and hospitality, and professional services such as medical, accounting, legal and real estate, which make up the highest proportion of occupations.

Commerce and recreation have coexisted in Queenscliffe from the very early days and, while it is by no means the only industry, tourism is an integral part of the local economy. The area's transient population of holiday-makers has helped shape the culture of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, with generations of 'semi-permanents' returning regularly.

The Borough of Queenscliffe is a true gem. It is a place not to be missed by visitors and eminently worthy of considering home for those who aspire to regional living characterised by contrasts of the old and the contemporary, industry and recreation, nature and culture.

History of the Borough

Council acknowledges the Wadawurrung people, who have lived in harmony with the land and the waterways of this area for tens of thousands of years before white settlement. The predominantly urban Borough was created in May 1863, and has remained in existence since that time. It is the only Borough in Victoria, and the only local government area that has not been subject to amalgamation.

Queenscliff was built, first and foremost, for government purposes. It provided postal, customs, health and telegraph services, lighthouse and signal services, military and defence establishments and the sea pilots service. There are many significant historical buildings within the Borough which contribute to the community's distinctive built environment. We encourage you to visit one of the many museums in the Borough to gain an appreciation of the rich, diverse and fascinating history and development of the area.