Water and drainage

Half-underwater photo of people hanging off the back of a boat in the ocean

You can help protect our water ways, precious marine environment and long-term water supply by being responsible with water.

Stormwater drainage

Council approval is required to commence and carry out plumbing and stormwater works, and must be obtained before works begin. All plumbing and/or drainage works must be undertaken by an appropriately licensed and qualified plumber. For any questions, please contact Council's Engineering Department.

Septic tanks and wastewater

Septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems and greywater recycling systems are regulated by the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria and relevant environment protection policies and guidelines.

If you're looking at installing or altering a septic tank system or greywater system, please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer to discuss your obligations. A septic tank application form must be submitted and a permit to install must be issued before any works can proceed. In areas of environmental significance, a Land Capability Assessment will be requested.

It's a legal requirement that a Certificate to Use for the septic tank system must be issued prior to the Certificate of Occupancy being issued.